What is Access Your Wings?

Access Your Wings is about assisting anyone who is seeking to free themselves of any kind of pain, suffering, emotion, or limitation, so that they are free to "FLY".  

My name is LeAnn and I use many different techniques to assist each individual to eliminate those patterns, beliefs and issues which are no longer working for you in your life.   I am here to empower individuals to Be Who You TRULY BE so that you can live the life of your choosing. 

I know that if we are BE-ing who we truly be, we can overcome ANYTHING!  We can have magic in our lives!  We can be peaceful, happy, and joyful with exuberant living  knowing the feeling of having the excitement for life the way we did as a child!   We can then spread that joy, peace and happiness everywhere we go, even by walking quietly through a crowd. 

I am an Access Consciousness® Bars and Certified Facilitator, Theta Healing® Practitioner, as well as a Reiki Practitioner, having a background in other alternative healing arts with empathic abilities I specialize in intuitive energetic body work. I describe my work as communing with each individual's body, asking it what it requires and then holding that space with love and nurturing so that the body heals itself.  I believe that there is nothing more rewarding than to see a person open up to greater possibilities for themselves, changing their health or any other limitations right before their eyes, and knowing that just because they were held in that space of Infinite Caring, Nurturing and Gratitude it changed everything.  I am so very grateful that Access Consciousness®, Reiki and Theta Healing® have come into my life, exponentializing my gifts with the energy work that is taught, assisting me with living in the question, and opening up to even greater possibilities.   ​One of the greatest truths of our universe is "Ask and Ye Shall Receive".  When we know how to ask and we remove the blocks to receiving, it opens up a whole new world of POSSIBILITIES for us! 

So what are you asking for?  What are you seeking?  What would you like different in your life?  Would you like assistance to get out of your own way?

I currently reside in Tennessee and would love to do a session with you, or come teach a class in your area!!  Even in another state!